How to obtain a student registration code

The Student reduced fee is available to members whose undergraduate student status has been verified with CEON/CEES. Student status is NOT available for students in post-graduate, master's, doctoral or specialization courses of study.

If you believe you qualify for the Student reduced fee, please email a Student Status Verification Letter from your educational institution to Registration Manager. In attachment of the email you should put your scanned student card. We will contact you with instructions to register at the student rate. Letters must be on official letterhead of your University, and must be signed by your academic advisor or program dean. The letter must specify the year of your educational program (e.g., senior year, last semester, third year, etc.). Please, submit your letter for verification well in advance.

Discounts must be applied when registering. Discount cannot be applied after the booking has been processed.

Sample Student Status Verification Letter

(Please Use Nursing School Letterhead)

Jurija Gagarina 111,
11000 Belgrade,


I am writing this letter at the request of (Student Name), to verify that (Student Name) is currently a full-time undergraduate student in the (name of Nursing Program) at the (Name of College / University). (Student Name) is a student in the (insert actual year, e.g., second or third) year, (insert actual semester, e.g., first or second) semester of our program.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Dean / Academic Advisor Name
Contact Information