The presentations should be devoted, but not necessarily restricted to one of the following broad topics:

(1) Strategic Issues of Journals Publishing in Developing and Transition Countries

  • Role of local/national journals in the R&D strategies of developing and transition countries (DTC); Journals sponsors and publishers, contributors and consumers; Orientation dilemma: Contributing to national performance or to local professionalism; Economic models: Can Open Access be sustainable, is author-paid system viable; Problems of low budgeting: Is there room for marketing and advertising; DTC journals development process: Is internationalization a must; International co-authorship and citation exchange; Standards and practices: Publishing languages, paper formats, citation styles.

(2) Ethical Dimension of Publishing

  • Publication misconduct in DTC journals; Roots of plagiarism in DTC publishing: Cultural patterns, language barriers, career pressure, law risk of sanctions; Effectiveness of self-regulatory bodies in DT countries: Committees vs. offices of research integrity; Should criteria for cut-and-paste plagiarism in DTC journals be more liberal; Fighting translation/bilingual plagiarism; Whistle blowing in DTC research communities; Practices and technologies used to prevent misconduct; Misconduct as a cross-border spillover phenomenon.

(3) Local and Regional Journals Evaluation

  • Visibility, full-text availability and impact; Impact Factor of "non-indexed" journals; Other-than-impact journals indicators; Role of national and regional citation databases; Open citation indexes: Potentials of Google Scholar; The role of global citation indexes (WoS and Scopus) in DTC journals development; International aggregators admission criteria; Measuring quality of social sciences and humanities journals: The purpose of ERIC.

(4) Technologies to Support High-Quality Journal Publishing

  • Online journal management systems; PKP Open journal systems; To migrate or not to migrate to digital-only; Innovative services supporting editorial process; Open review; Collaborative peer review; International integration: The real use from CrossRef system; Thesaurus-based automatic keyphrase indexing; Technologies of references standardization; Proofreading and editing services; Destigmatization of publishing in small journals: Attracting high-quality papers and authors; Providing qualified reviewers for papers published in small languages.

(5) Open Access in Developing and Transition Countries

  • Are DT countries OA beneficiaries; The role of OA journals in raising national performance; Visibility and usability of OA individual journal archives/websites; OA journals databases vs. OA institutional repositories; Effectivity of various types of OA: Gold vs. green, preprints vs. post-prints; Policies mandating OA to publicly funded research; Predatory OA journals.