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Tatjana Devura

Terms and Conditions

  • By registering for the "Fifth Belgrade International Open Access Conference 2012" through OUR website YOU will enter into a binding contractual agreement with the:
    • Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science (CEON/CEES),
    • Jurija Gagarina 111,
    • 11000 Belgrade
  • The details of this agreement follow from the following general terms and conditions as well as from other sources WE, CEON/CEES will reference herein.
I. General Provisions
  • The present general terms and conditions govern YOUR participation in the "5BOA Conference 2012", which WE hold on behalf of OURSELVES and our partner organizations. Information about partner organizations, contractual services, prerequisites for participation as well as special terms and conditions can be found on the conference web site at
II. Registration
  • The registration for the "5BOA Conference 2012" follows the registration process outlined on the web site. If WE accept YOUR registration then YOU will receive a registration confirmation by e-mail. YOUR registration will be binding as soon as WE accepted and confirmed your registration.
  • YOU will be presented with these general terms and conditions as part of the registration process. By completing YOUR registration YOU accept them as binding.
III. Registration Fees
  • The amount due and the payment terms for YOUR registration will be based on the registration options YOU have selected. By completing your registration YOU accept these conditions. In any caseĀ  payment will be due within seven days after YOU have submitted YOUR registration. If YOUR payment arrives late, WE reserve the right to exclude YOU from participation in the conference without giving further reasons.
IV. Cancellation and Changes by the Participants
  • If YOU cancel YOUR registration up until 30 days before the conference start, YOU will be entitled to a refund of 80% of the original registration fees less any payments outstanding on YOUR side. In all other cases YOUR financial obligations will persist in their entirety.
  • YOU can request changes to YOUR registration, but WE reserve the right to decide on an individual basis whether we accept your request and under which conditions.
  • WE will accept YOUR cancellations or change requests by e-mail to, or by letter to the address given in the preamble.
V. Liabilities
  • YOUR participation in the conference will generally be at YOUR own risk. WE shall only be liable with the following restrictions.
  • With respect to contractors, WE shall only be liable for damages, except for breach of essential contractual duties, if and only as far as WE, OUR legal representatives, managerial employees or other vicarious agents have acted with deliberate intention or grossly negligent. In case of breaches of essential contractual duties, WE shall be liable for any culpable actions of OUR legal representatives, managerial employees or other vicarious agents.
  • With respect to consumers, WE shall only be liable for deliberate intention or gross negligence. In case of breaches of essential contractual duties, WE shall, however, be responsible for any culpable actions of OUR employees or other vicarious agents.
  • Except for deliberate intention or gross negligence of OUR legal representatives, managerial employees or other vicarious agents, OUR liability shall be restricted to the amount of damage that could typically be anticipated at the time the contract was concluded.
  • WE shall only be liable for indirect damages, in particular for loss of profit, in the case of deliberate intention or gross negligence of OUR legal representatives, managerial employees or other vicarious agents.
  • The aforementioned exemptions from liability and limitations with respect to contractors or consumers do not apply in the case of explicit guarantees issued by US and for damages of life, body or health as well as in the case of mandatory legal regulations (e.g. in the case of claims under the product liability law).
  • If the conference has to be canceled due to force majeure or other unforeseeable events WE shall not be obliged to hold the conference. YOUR travel cost will not be refunded if WE or OUR employees are not culpable with respect to the cancellation or rescheduling of the conference. WE have no further obligations towards YOU. YOUR registrations, however, will remain valid if the conference must be rescheduled.
  • The aforementioned exemptions from liability extend to both, contractual and extra-contractual, claims. They also extend to OUR employees.

VI. Privacy

  • WE will save and automatically process YOUR personal data in connection with YOUR conference participation in so far as this is necessary for the preparation and execution of the conference. WE will not forward such data to third parties unless strictly necessary for the preparation or execution of the conference. All personal data requested, saved and processed by US will be treated in accordance with the provisions of Serbian privacy law.
  • WE can use video recordings or photos taken during the conference for conference documentation, advertisement or public relations without compensation. YOU can object to the use of such media for advertisement purposes.

VII. Final Provisions

  • This agreement shall be governed by Serbian law.
  • Changes or additions to these general terms and conditions and all their parts - including changes to the requirement for written form itself - must be in written form and must contain the explicit statement that they are actually meant to change or amend the present terms and conditions.
  • An invalid provision or contractual omission does not invalidate the contract as a whole. The invalid provision is assumed to be replaced by such a provision that is legally valid and comes economically closest to the spirit and purpose of the original provision. The same is assumed for potential contractual omissions. If, on an individual basis, WE decide not to enforce these general terms and conditions, this does not imply a change of these terms and conditions.
  • Place of fulfillment is Belgrade, Serbia. If YOU are a businessperson, a body corporate organized under public law, a special asset under public law or without a place of jurisdiction in Serbia, then the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes resulting from this agreements shall be Belgrade, Serbia.

Registration Types

Registration type Access Available From Available Until Access Expires Cost
Early Bird
Online and Physical 2012-01-01 2012-03-10 23:59:59 150.00 (EUR)
Early Bird - Reduced price*
Online 2012-01-13 2012-03-10 23:59:59 100.00 (EUR)
Online and Physical 2012-03-11 2012-05-15 23:59:59 200.00 (EUR)
Regular - Reduced price*
Online 2012-03-11 2012-05-15 23:59:59 150.00 (EUR)
Online 2012-01-01 2012-05-15 23:59:59 100.00 (EUR)
Student# - Reduced price*
Online 2012-01-13 2012-05-15 23:59:59 50.00 (EUR)
Accompanying persons

* For participants from emerging and developing countries.

# See how to obtain your student registration code.

List of items included in conference fee is given at Conference fee page.

Online 2012-01-18 2012-05-15 23:59:59 50.00 (EUR)
SEERIIuS Start-up Meeting Only
This registration option only covers participation in the Meeting, and does NOT include access to the main conference sessions.
Online 2011-11-01 2012-05-15 23:59:59 0.00 (EUR)